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Laptop Repair Services in Hartlepool

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For Laptop repair services in Hartlepool, theres only one name in Hartlepool for Computer repair shop that prides itself on QUALITY, QUICK TURN AROUND and CUSTOMER SERVICE the name Platinum Computers, check out our Google reviews Platinum Computers Google Reviews and Facebook comments Facebook Reviews Platinum Computers, pop in and test our computer repair service and customer service for yourself, if you need a computer repair near me at platinum computers we are happy to help. Its extremely difficult to find a good local computer repair shop that you can trust with your Laptop and ALL your personal information thats stored on it, your PC and personal information is EXTREMELY important to us, it is a difficult decision these days on who to entrust with your device and more importantly your personal information, after all days we tend keep our life on our devices, passwords, pictures of the kids etc, at Platinum Computers you can rest assured your device and information is in safe hands and we'll treat your computer and its contents as if it was one of our own.

Our repair procedure
  • We book in your system take your details and the issues your experiencing
  • Test your system to accurately gather the neceassary information to give you the best repair options and time scale
  • Contact you with your options on your laptop repair
  • If you don't want to proceed with your laptop repair, you can come and collect your PC
  • If you wish to proceed with your laptop repair
  • We then carry out the repair test everything is ok relating to the repair and contact you to come and collect
  • Our usual turn around is 1-2 days but usually we try for same day repair, depending on if we need to order parts in.

    As mentioned earlier ALL our Laptop computer repairs are done by us in our local computer repair shop so you know where your PC is during the full repair process, we will keep you updated throughout the repair, or you can contact us and we will be happy to give you an update on your Laptop repair service.

    Some of the commonest of Laptop repairs we do but not all are as follows

  • Virus Removal
  • Popups and your screen, system running slow from £30
  • Re-install Operating System
  • £35 - without backing up personal data
  • Backup Personal Data
  • from £20 depends on how much data to save
  • laptop screen repair
  • laptop screen repair cost from as little as £50 depending on screen size, type and connection on back of laptop screen
  • Laptop over heating
  • very hot underneath of the laptop, fans
  • Laptop wont turn on
  • Laptop charging port from £45, or Laptop power cable
  • Not loading windows
  • PC just restarts or hangs on startup from as little as £10
  • Laptop no display
  • could be faulty memory graphics or motherboard
  • Blue screen of death
  • depending on error message generated could be hardware or software issue

    Cost to repair Laptop PC problems, as there sometimes can be more than than 1 issue with a PC it is difficult to list all Laptop repair costs but if you click on the quote button giving us some details of the PC problem, one of our staff will get back in touch quickly with possible senarios that may be causing the problem(s) and an idea of cost to fix to your Computer, alternately our other website has a more comprehensive list PC Laptop repair costs

    To help speed up our repair procedure we keep a variety of New Laptop Components, components for upgrading your laptop or fitting faulty Laptop parts, from faulty Laptop hard drives, memory to broken laptop screen replacement

  • Laptop Screen Repair - from £50
  • New Laptop Keyboard replacement - From £45
  • Re-install Operating System without backing up data - £35
  • Back Up Personall Data- From £20 depending on how much data to save
  • New Laptop Hard Drives - Prices are constantly changing
  • New Laptop Memory - Prices are always changing
  • New Laptop Computer DVDRW - From as little as £19
  • Laptop Internal WIFI card - £25
  • New Gunuine Laptop charger power cable - from £18.00
  • New Laptop power cable clover leaf - £4.50

  • New Laptop Computer Components

    Platinum Computers Hartlepool has a huge range of Laptop Computer repair services in and near Hartlepool, including
    • Laptop Blue Screen
    • Laptop has no display
    • Laptop Broken Screen
    • Laptop upgrades, software and hardware
    • New Laptop power charger cables
    • Insert boot media failure message
    • Laptop repair services
    • New Laptop Components, Hard drives, memory

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