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Our philosophy is that advice should always be free, it's not always about getting paid for everything little thing you do but offering the very best customer service possible. Remember not so long ago when it was NOT just about making as much as you could as quick as could, but providing the very best service well call me old fashioned, but that still stands at Platinum strive to provide the very customer service.
If we can sometimes give help and advice or a quick repair over the counter or the phone it is usually without any payment to ourselves, we may ask you to volunteer a small donation to the Charity box, between us we have amassed a huge amount of useful and some not so useful knowledge over the years, that helps us to provide the very best customer service there's a sign as you walk through the door of platinum Computers repair centre that says "advice is always FREE, it may not be what you wnt to hear, but it is free ", and we stand by it.

All our Apple Ipad repairs are done by us in our Apple repair centre based in Hartlepool, so you know where your Ipad is at all times, wether your drop of your Ipad for repair, if you can't get it in to us no bother we can come and collect with in Hartlepool.
Apple Ipad repair services cover such a large part of our repairs now, as tablet devices become more and more popular, so there are more and more on the market, and accidents happen, but don't worry as Platinum Computers can fix most Ipad problems, we cover repairs on all versions of the Ipad range, Ipad 2, 3 and 4, all the Ipad Minis, Ipad air 1 and 2 and both of the new Ipad pro ranges, posibly been dropped (sometimes if the Ipad has been dropped we may have to ease the corners of the Ipad if it lands on a corner as the Ipad frame is made from Aliminium which is a soft metal)or sometimes things just go wrong.
We offer a wide range of repair services for your Apple tablet, only the Apple logo appears on your screen or you've dropped your Ipad and damaged the screen, we have it covered, ALL our work is gauranteed, we work on a very quick turn around on all our repairs, business devices are usually prioriticed as businesses are usually dependant on them, but still our turn around for all our repair services is still possibly the quickest and best in Hartlepool, we have been known to take in a repair and contact the customer before there cup of coffee has stopped spinning, one of our repair videos for an iphone screen replacement repair was completed and the customer contacted in 16 minutes WOW now thats quick Iphone screen replacement of course not all repairs are that quick if we have to order parts or are awaiting components, delivery of those could hold the repair up, but we hold a large range of new components in stock which enables us to complete most Apple repairs so quickly. So don't worry your device is in safe hands, we treat your device as if it was one of our own.

At Platinum Computers its not always about charging, if its a quick fix over the counter, we usually won't charge, but point towards the charity box, and we always looking for ways to save you money, so we offer toughened glass protectors and soft gel cases to give your Ipad as much protection as possible and possibly save you on more repair costs in the future.

Ipad Repair Fixes

  • Broken Ipad Touch screen repair
    From as little as £40 for the Ipad 2, 3 and 4 versions, Ipad mini from £50 and Ipad airs from £49
  • Ipad Black screen after a drop
    Usually cable needs reconnectiong or faulty LCD
  • Ipad Battery replacement
    From only £52
  • Ipad broken screen stood on (usually left on bedroom floor)
  • Ipad requires connecting to Itunes
  • Ipad is disabled
  • Ipad not charging
    Usually a charging dock being faulty or has muck in side or faulty battery
  • Ipad won't turn on
    Usually new charging dock or faulty battery from as little as £52
  • Don't worry we have your back, you can bring your Ipad in to our repair centre, we will book it in, diagnose the problem if need be, contact you with price and time scale, complete the repair and test the Ipad, then> contact you to come and collect your tablet. Want to see more of our Ipad repair services Apple Ipad repairs in Hartlepool or require a quote, click on the quote button on this page, and a member of staff will get back to very quickly.

    Ipad Release / Revealed dates and Apple Ipad Updates

  • Apple Ipad
  • 15 million first-generation iPads sold

  • Apple Ipad 2 2nd March 2011
  • faster dual core A5 processor, lighter structure, VGA front-facing and 720p rear-facing cameras, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad 3 7th March 2012
  • Retina display, Apple A5X chip with a quad-core graphics processor, a 5 megapixel camera, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad 4 2nd November 2012
  • Apple A6X chip, the Lightning connector

  • Apple Ipad mini1 2nd November 2012
  • screen size of 7.9 inches, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad mini2 22nd October 2013
  • A7 system-on-a-chip, 2,048 x 1,536 resolution Retina Display, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad mini3 22nd October 2014
  • Touch ID sensor, gold colour available

  • Apple Ipad mini4 9th September 2015
  • Apple A8 with 64-bit architecture and Apple M8 motion co-processor, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad Air 1st November 2013
  • Apple A7 processor with M7 coprocessor, thinner design that is 7.5 millimeters thick, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad Air2 16th October 2014
  • Touch ID, Apple A8X processor, 2 GB RAM, Apple M8 motion co-processor, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad Pro 12.9" display 11th November 2015
  • LPDDR4 RAM, A9X chip and the Apple M9 motion co-processor, 2732-by-2048 Retina Display at 264 pixels per inch, Repair service available

  • Apple Ipad Pro 9.7" display 31st March 2016
  • LPDDR4 RAM, A9X chip and the Apple M9 motion co-processor, 2048-by-1536 Retina Display at 264 pixels per inch, Repair service available

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